A new era of virtual reality in ophthalmic lenses

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ORION VR: A new era of virtual reality in ophthalmic lenses from Native Vision®

In a fast-paced era with rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, Native Vision® invests in cutting-edge technology, providing innovative products that set a new standard in biometrics, training, and customer familiarization.

In this context, ORION VR emerges, a wearable Virtual Reality (VR) tool that analyzes gaze dynamics using an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through an enjoyable interactive process, the user engages in a series of simulated real-life scenarios, allowing the system to gather comprehensive data about their visual behavior and needs. The result is the creation of an individual data map that represents the quantitative way in which each user perceives the surrounding world.

For the first time, the user will be able to experience what ‘s really like to wear progressive lenses, thanks to the ORION VR Coach simulation and learning tool. This feature is a key element in the decision-making process, offering an unprecedented shopping experience.

The valuable data collected is then sent to the laboratory to create a completely personalized progressive lens, tailored to the unique characteristics of each user. 

ORION VR marks the beginning of a new era in ophthalmic lenses. I am proud that we are the first ophthalmic lens company in Greece to embrace this innovative technology. The use of wearable virtual reality devices for accurate biometrics and training is a natural progression, and we are excited to be the first to take this step, states Mr. Angel Destounis, CEO of Native Vision®.

About Native Vision®

Native Vision®, the No. 1 Greek brand of ophthalmic lenses for Mediterranean living conditions and a member of the Nea Optiki Group, offers a wide range of products. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Native Vision® is creating a new experience in the optical industry.

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Athens: 211 3332146
Thessaloniki: 2310 226111
Crete: 2810 333416
Email: [email protected]

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