Zeiss ClearView

The next generation of stock lenses with freeform technology.

With typical FSV lens designs, the drive for flatter and thinner lenses compromise optical performance, especially in the lens periphery. Conventional FSV lens designs must ‘choose’ between optics and aesthetics. In doing so, they compromise optics in order to achieve an acceptable lens in terms of thickness and curvature.
Don’t compromise when it comes to your vision. With ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses, wearers can experience excellent vision clarity from the lens center to the periphery. The lenses are flatter, thinner, and more attractive than conventional FSV lens designs that rely on steeper base curves to provide acceptable optical performance. ZEISS ClearView Single Vision Lenses are not standard. They offer you excellent clear vision and great looking lenses at the same time. Additionally, likewise all ZEISS lenses, ZEISS ClearView Lenses come standard with full UV protection, thanks to UVProtect Technology. ZEISS ClearView are also available with DuraVision Lens Coatings, that offer many benefits like scratch resistance, anti-reflective properties and a surface that is more dirt resistant and easier to clean. Moreover, ClearView lenses are available with ZEISS’ latest generation of blue light blocking technology – ZEISS BlueGuard, which blocks up to 40% of potentially harmful and irritating blue light.

Up to 16% thinner
Up to 16% thinner than spherical standard lenses and up to 8% thinner than aspherical standard lenses – without compromising vision.

Up to 49% flatter
Up to 49% flatter compared to spherical standard lenses and up to 32% flatter compared to aspherical standard lenses – without optical compromise.

3x larger zone of clarity
Clear viewing from the lens center to the periphery with a zone of excellent vision clarity, on average 3x larger, compared to typical aspheric FSV lenses.

Freeform in stock
Point-by-point optimization process using 700 free parameters in every lens design.

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