KEPLERO: The title is recognized throughout the European Union

The Istituto Politecnico Keplero The Istituto Politecnico Keplero was founded in1977 to train Opticians and Optometrists. The teachers are qualified and experienced to give effective training to enter the world of optics. The Institute has ophthalmic lens and optometry laboratories with new generation equipment. The course lasts three years: two years for the Optics Course […]

Mind Games

I purchased my first progressive lenses; it is a unique experience! An engaging and exceptional experience from the first phase (of measurements) until the second phase (of receipt). Why should we examine this topic? It is simple; Especially for me was a significant revelation of how wrong stereotypes and fear invade our lives.

Age-related macular degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a chronic, progressive condition, the effects of which are irreversible.

The Origin of Spectacle Lenses

Eyeglasses might be one of the most useful objects of our daily life; but surprisingly the circumstances of its invention remain quite unclear.

Eye examination at the beginning of the school year

The American Public Health Association has estimated that approximately 10% of pre-school children have a visual impairment without complaining about their vision.

Considering contact lenses for CHILDREN?

Children, teenagers & contact lenses

The need for vision correction affects more than half of the world’s population. It can occur at an early age. Both glasses and contact lenses are an option for children, teenagers and adults who need vision correction.

Contact Lenses: control, safe use and proper market for eye health

The Panhellenic Society of Opticians and Optometrists (PSEO), the Association of Opticians and Optometrists of Northern Greece (AOONG) and the Hellenic Academy of Optometry (HAE), aiming at ensuring the general quality of eyesight and optimum eye health of the consumers, they support the realisation of an informative campaign on “I Wear Contact Lenses, I Inform Myself Responsibly”. The purpose of the action is to inform the consuming public, the users or would be users of contact lenses, about their proper purchase and distribution, but also to provide instructions and recommendations on their safe use and care, so as to avoid unpleasant effects on ocular health, or discontinuation of use for reasons which are not related to putting them in or their quality.