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Zeus+Δione is a luxury fashion & lifestyle brand that uses the Greek heritage and tradition as an inspiration to produce high end products. The brand has been associated with the core attributes of creativity, sophistication, innovation craftsmanship, authenticity and high quality of raw materials and design.

Urban Owl

Our love for industrial design, combined with our vintage influences, led us to create handmade sunglasses designed for the urbanite, who lives in, works in and goes out on the town.


Zylo (Ζάιλο) is the combination of two words, (ζήλος) zeal and (ξύλο) wood. We wanted a warm word that sounds enticing; a word that encapsulates the feeling of a raw material when you touch it with your hands.


We want to use sustainable material and, in doing so, make a positive contribution to our environment. Taking that into consideration, we are always looking for new materials, with low environmental impact, which we can incorporate into our frames.

Motley Eyewear

The handmade frames of Motley Eyewear are funky, theatrical with many textures and colors. Each pair of glasses is hand-painted and each piece is unique, often blending various materials such as paper, metal and fabric. Designed for those who don’t just follow the trends, but use the trends to express their personality, Motley Eyewear’s frames share the feeling of being special, wearing something unique.

Kois Optics

Hermoupolis heritage on our eyes…
The well-known optic shop in Syros, Kois Optics, celebrating its 30th anniversary, created in 2015 and in collaboration with the creative and modern brand “Italia Independent”, a collectible edition of sun glasses, under the title “Hermoupolis Heritage”.


Sunglasses can be more than eyewear. For us they are canvas!

Uglybell sunglasses are a canvas on which anyone can admire an artwork that has been created for him and his tastes. Each pair of Uglybell sunglasses is unique and every sculpture technique, every painting, is performed by hand. No Uglybell pair of sunglasses has been created by a mass production machine but has been created entirely by a human hand. In short, each customer is unique and with a unique design that no one else around him, not only in Greece but also worldwide!

Original Vintage

Original Vintage is a brand whose foundations are laid on timeless aesthetics. Made to last and beautifully crafted iconic signature eyewear collections made from supreme materials. An ode to genuine design and craftsmanship.

CircumEye #2

If you love eyewear, avant-garde design, independency, networking in a relaxed atmosphere and good vibes, then CircumEye is the trade event to visit

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SILMO Istanbul

The International SILMO Istanbul Optical Fair proved, last year, that it has become an indispensable exhibition of the optical sector in a short time. With its geographical location, Istanbul showed to be an indispensable part of the optical trade with its role as a bridge between Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.
This Year, the 6th of the fair strengthened its position sector with confident steps, by growing, and put a signature to many innovations !

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Akira Ishiwatari – Portrait of a designer

Imaginative designer, Akira Ishiwatari, and raised in Tokyo, first started working in an optician store age twenty years old. Akira has over 30years’ experience working with glasses. Arguably the most interesting aspect of an optician’s work is actually creating lenses fitting lenses into certain glasses, making contact lenses, preparing special types of lenses such as bifocal or trifocal lenses. While the processing of lenses is technical, it also necessarily involves design.

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Christophe Pillet – Chairman of the Jury SILMO D’OR 2019 awards

A French designer and interior architect of international renown, Christophe PILLET is appreciated for his “clear expression, pursuit of simplicity and essential design.”

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Unilens’ vision

Our vision is UNILENS S.A. to enter in every wearer’s life and meet his everyday needs and claims. By investing in pioneer ideas, new technologies and in a high-performing workforce who are committed in heart and mind, we aim at continuous improvement and development. We work hard to achieve high premium products that secure and offer a better quality of vision life to our customers. A healthy vision is not a privilege of all people. Here comes UNILENS to help and ensure a healthy and active lifestyle.
Thanks to quick technological eye protection progress, our products not only improve eye health and vision naturally but also prevent vision defects.

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