Zeiss DuraVision BlueGuard UV

More protection, less reflection!

ZEISS created the latest generation of blue light protection for more visual comfort and aesthetics, called ZEISS BlueGuard. The use of electronic devices, whether in small or large format, changes viewing habits. With ZEISS BlueGuard, a new generation of blue light blocking lenses is introduced to the market addressing today’s technology and media use in the context of the “new normal”. The blue light blocking properties are now incorporated into the lens material itself. As a result, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses provide excellent lens clarity as well as the blocking of up to 40 percent of the potentially harmful and irritating blue light in the wavelength between 400 and 455 nanometer (nm), which is known to be linked to digital eye strain.
A common disadvantage of many blue light blocking solutions is irritating and disturbing reflections in the lens surface. Such reflections can cause cosmetic irritation to the observer and distract the wearer. Especially in indoor environments, where displays or LEDs are the main sources of illumination, these reflections tend to be more visible. As blue light blocking properties now are incorporated into the lens material, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses come standard with ZEISS DuraVision Platinum UV. This premium anti-reflection coating with its subtle blue residual reflection ensures the wearer does not get annoyed by irritating reflections and the eyes are clearly visible behind the lenses.

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