A new era of virtual reality in ophthalmic lenses

Press Release ORION VR: A new era of virtual reality in ophthalmic lenses from Native Vision® In a fast-paced era with rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, Native Vision® invests in cutting-edge technology, providing innovative products that set a new standard in biometrics, training, and customer familiarization. In this context, ORION VR emerges, a wearable Virtual Reality (VR) tool that analyzes gaze […]


Native Vision®: Τhe First Greek Brand of Optical Lenses

The Mediterranean region boasts a unique environment, characterized by distinctive climatic conditions. With hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters, the Mediterranean climate profoundly influences the way of life for its inhabitants. Among the defining characteristics of the Mediterranean is the sun, renowned for its properties, and the need it generates for tailored eye protection […]