Zeiss Eyewear

New men collection of optical and sun frames!

Meet the new ZEISS Eyewear line of sun and optical frames. A men’s collection of excellent quality, modern design, and style. This new collection of sunglasses focused both on the aesthetics and comfortable vision, and on the proper protection from the sun and UV radiation. Therefore, the sun collection is categorized in four segments, depending on the type of lens that suits better your needs.

• Improvement of the visual performances
• Reduction of the light reflections.

Light Pro
• Elimination of 47% polarized light
• Excellent contrast
• Good readability of digital screens
• Glare Reduction

• Astounding color contrast
• Reduces the blue portion in sunlight
• “Bright light feel”: colors appear more vivid and rich
• Polarizing filer against reflections
• Glare and reflection reduction

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