Our Children’s Vision

At Our Children’s Vision we want to support every child in obtaining the education they are entitled to and we want to make sure that vision problems do not deny them that right or reduce their quality of life.

Unfortunately, for millions of children around the world, life without clear vision, is normal. Not being able to see their lessons, or recognise the faces of their friends is normal. But there is a simple solution: a pair of glasses.

We need to help every child, worldwide, to get access to the eye care and the glasses they need, so they have a chance of a better future. Wearing glasses allows children not only to see their texts and lessons on the board in school but also to develop relationships with their peers, they need to be able to see faces and to play safely. In short, to understand, interpret and participate fully and safely in the world around them.

Our Goal

At Our Children’s Vision, our goal is to reach 50 Million children by 2020. To achieve that, we will have to upscale, accelerate and expand access to eye health services for children all over the world.

Our Mission

We need to provide effective sustainable eye care initiatives for children as part of health care programs which are integrated into regional, national and global education and health policy. Those eye care initiative include the essential eye care services: eye examinations, vision screening, provision of spectacles, referrals, disease detection and low vision assessment and provision of low vision aids.
In addition to providing accessible eye care services, we also need to raise awareness of eye care and vision problems and change attitudes to raise profile of eye health and heathy eye care practices.


We also support research to assist in fully developing an understanding of the nature and extent of vision impairment in children (existing research estimates that 19 million children are affected, globally), and the impact vision impairment has on a child’s quality of life. Knowledge is power. By knowing the extent and the nature of the problem will enable us to devise effective strategies and programmes to combat it.

Advocay and Initiatives

In order to achieve our goal of reaching 50 million children by 2020, we are also involved in advocacy, which for us, is a vehicle to effect lasting social change.
That is why we work together with governments, our partners and communities to prioritise and strategise ways to reduce avoidable, treatable blindness in children globally. We focus on lobbying governments to include child eye health in national health plans and policy, developing effective partnerships to achieve more, raising awareness of avoidable vision impairment in children and educating children about eye care. We are currently involved in a range of initiatives, worldwide.

Our Partners

We know that our goal is ambitious and we cannot achieve it alone. Our vision is children being able to access eye care in every part of the world, children being able to reach their full potential because they can learn, read and play safely, children sharing what they have learned with their families to advance themselves and their society. Children from diverse environments and cultures globally being able to celebrate and protect their vision.
We aim to achieve that by means of dedicated partnerships that put children’s vision first, government policies that recognises holistic health outcomes for all children and innovative solutions for getting better eye care to more children worldwide. The final outcome we aim to achieve is touching, changing and improving millions of lives via eye care. We are confident we will achieve our goal by continuing to work with our reliable partners, supporters, donor and implementing partners worldwide.

Further Information

Help us share and achieve our vision. To find out more about Our Children’s Vision and our work, see our blog https://www.ourchildrensvision.org/blog.html for news and updates on our latest initiatives.
To find out how you can support us, contact us on
Let’s work together for a brighter, clearer future for children, worldwide.

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