Optical Papadiamantopoulos Group

Α third-generation family business with 102 years of presence in Greece and abroad.

By Giorgos Papadiamantopoulos, Bsc Economics, Boston University, A.B.D.O. Dispencing Optician City College, London

The group’s philosophy translates into improving the quality of life of its customers through vision enhancement, which is provided by high quality services and innovative products. For this purpose, the management of Optical Papadiamantopoulos Group invests in the continuous training of its human resources, with particular emphasis on new technologies and groundbreaking products. The group consists of:


Greek Chain of high-end optical stores

Optical Papadiamantopoulos is a Greek chain of high-end optical stores, with a presence in the field of optics since the beginning of the last century (1920), actively pursuing a scientific approach and constant improvement quality of its products and services. In the 1960s, Diamantis Papadiamantopoulos (2nd generation) was the first optician to introduce and apply the use of contact lenses in Greece. For 60 years there has been absolute commitment and specialization in this field, with fully equipped departments for vision check and application of contact lenses. Thoroughly trained optometrists deal exclusively with contact lens application and usage training, thus giving guaranteed solutions to any refractive problem (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, dry eye syndrome, presbyopia, keratoconus, etc.). The provision of the widest variety of contact lenses available in the world market, makes Optical Papadiamantopoulos stores the first Greek company in sales of contact lenses. Optical Papadiamantopoulos pays particular attention to the continuous updating and training of its executive practitioners and staff on all new and innovative products, with seminars in Greece but also with visits to the largest conferences and exhibitions globally, seeking constant innovation, through testing and pioneering all the newest technologies and methods that contribute to contact lens advancement. The company’s human resources consist of opticians-optometrists with many years of experience and the ability to provide solutions where others cannot, particularly in the application of contact lenses to children and adolescents from the age of 8.
In the chain’s stores one can find the most innovative and dedicated products regarding contact lenses, prescription frames, ophthalmic lenses and sunglasses that exist in the field of vision. The purpose and goal of those who work in the stores is to detect the needs and visual behavior of each potential customer and inform him about the solutions that would cover his daily routine perfectly. The choice of products is based on the philosophy and DNA of the company, offering choices that differentiate it from the market. Providing its clients, the top quality and array of products and by offering the highest possible level of service, the name Optical Papadiamantopoulos continues to be synonymous with innovation, excellence, and experience.

SUNWEAR stores

passion for the Outdoors

For the first time in Greece, a unique, innovative concept store chain with highly specialized staff, offers the three best-selling brands in the world, under the same roof. Created by the Optical Papadiamantopoulos Group, and with “Passion for the Outdoors” as their driving force, Sunwear Stores invite all lovers of sports, adventure and nature, to live intensely every moment under the sun, with absolute protection and style. Sunwear is a concept of sunglass stores perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of the Mediterranean climatic conditions. The products offered have specialized, polarizing or photochromic lenses that are perfectly suited to the activity of the wearer but also to the special climatic and morphological conditions of a country with plenty of sunshine and sea. New generation materials with unique characteristics are designed for any sport or outdoor activity, and the most complete collections of sunglasses such as Oakley, Rayban, Maui Jim, Polar Glare, Ozzie, etc. At the same time, they display the widest variety of Oakley backpacks, hats and accessories to complement outdoor leisure and more.

ez2c (EASY TO SEE)

franchise store chain

It is an innovative franchise concept, which is perfectly adapted to the Greek reality by creating neighborhood stores that offer complete vision solutions with absolute transparency in pricing. The design of the stores is such that it gives the opportunity for ease of management by a single person resulting in the minimization of their operating expenses. The selection of products but also the monitoring of the operation and the training is done by an experienced team of executives who make sure to give a comparative advantage to all owners/ franchisees of the chain. The combination of quality products enables owners to offer value for money products and services with unique margins for the industry. The cost-effective construction and integration package for each store, as well as the favorable financing conditions offered, given the opportunity to young opticians with abilities and ambition to acquire their own personal and sustainable business with the prospect of rapid development.


A unique optical store providing Greek design & manufacture

Optical Papadiamantopoulos pioneers again with a new venture. A new store, the “Greek Handcrafted Eyewear” concept, consists of a selection of handmade eyewear companies manufactured and designed exclusively in Greece by excellent designers and experienced craftsmen, following the European production standards. Made by hand, one by one, with attention to detail, each frame needs to go through 50 to 70 distinct stages of processing, depending on the technical and design details of the model. Exclusively for “GHE”, a collection of vintage sunglasses and prescription eyewear has been inspired and created entirely by a team of experts from the Optical Papadiamantopoulos Group and called “Style-Protection-Fun(ction)”, “S-P-F” for short, using names from Greek antiquity such as SOLON, ZEUS, ERATO etc. “SPF Classical Collection” is on a par, in quality or design, to much more expensive brands manufactured abroad. In fact, a highly collectible and numbered edition was created to celebrate the 100 years of the groups’ presence in the Greek market.

11, Kanari str. Kolonaki-Athens

NEW - LEICA Eyecare

premium ophthalmic lenses

One of the group’s latest business activities is its involvement in the wholesale distribution of Leica Eyecare ophthalmic lenses in Greece and Cyprus. Since the beginning of the 20th century, LEICA has been an innovator and the leading camera manufacturer in the world. The timeless value and quality of everything that the name Leica adorns is a given. With the rapid developments that have been taking place in recent years in the field of ophthalmic lens companies, both in Greece and internationally, Leica Eyecare has immerged as the ideal solution for any optician who wishes to offer a high-end product that is not widely available in the market. Throughout its history, Leica’s philosophy has been to allow the sale of its products only by a few expert retailers, something that also holds true for its ophthalmic lenses.


OnLine store

The largest Greek OnLine store selling contact lenses with the widest variety of products at highly competitive prices and most importantly the speediest delivery time.


Wholesale company

Sunglasses and prescription frame wholesale company, representing in Greece and Cyprus some of the most historic and special design eyewear brands in the world such as DITA, Cutler and Gross, Moscot, Paul Smith and Waiting for the Sun.

George and Adam Papadiamantopoulos are the continuation of this philosophy, having studied numerous years in the field of optics, economics and business administration, thus creating a group that operates on the basis of a highly sophisticated and structured organization. The establishment of an administration building dedicated to the overall management of the group and the experienced and specialized executives who aim to support the stores and the different departments of the Group, have helped it remain a pioneer in the Greek market for over a century.

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