Collection Dutz Eyewear fall-winter 2023-2024

Hello fall 2023!

It may still be (kind of..) high summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, but with so much inspiration for the fall of 2023, it’s hard not to want to look ahead to the new season! The four Fashion Weeks of fall-winter 2023/2024 presented an innovative and daring colour palette. What are the fashion colours for winter? Well, there is much variation! Think of black and white monochrome, fiery red, happy orange, Egyptian indigo blue, but we will also see plenty of fuchsia and purple tones.

The coming season has a lot of great things in store for us. The Dutz designers have created a collection for those who wish to have a unique and distinctive look. A good balance between striking but commercial, looking at the current trends, that’s what Dutz is all about again this fall season!


Striking patterns and prints allow us to express our passions and individuality. Whether it’s geometric prints, classic checks or wild animal prints, they remind us that we are unique and encourage us to stand out from the crowd. We love that attitude; just be bold, courageous and So Dutz!



The message from the fashion industry is clear: the zebra print is back and will be seen a lot this fall. The print is cheerful, daring but also stylish, and therefore adorns the collection of many fashion enthusiasts. An animal print does not have to be garish, as this Dutz frame DZ852-76 proves, the mix and match of the zebra print with the beautiful fuchsia colour makes it an unmistakable so Dutz eye-catche.



A print that is popular with fashion lovers year in, year out is the polka dot print and this year it is back on the catwalk. The print is timeless but the polka dots of 2023 are getting a facelift.. The black and white print remains, but we also see the print in pastel colours, retro blue or in red tones. The Dutz designers have chosen tο combine the classic black and white dot print with a beautiful contrasting royal blue colour. Striking So Dutz detail: the temple tips have a unique custom-made matching polka dot print.



It probably comes as no surprise that we will be wearing stripes again next season. Stripe patterns with a twist though, as the stripes are bolder than ever. The Dutz designers have mixed black and white stripe patterns with contrasting trend colours such as red, orange and emerald green. We’re loving the strong contrast! We also see the bestselling striped acetate coming back in the collection, elaborated in exciting new shapes. Stripes are never out!



Dopamine dressing and colourful outfits that make you feel optimistic and happy are here to stay. According to the Milan fashion week, colour-blocking is all the rage this season and we’re obsessed! Think of colours such as shocking pink and magenta, but also blue tones that border on cobalt, teal and turquoise and combine them with bold contrasting colours or prints. The Dutz designers have chosen to work with striking contrasts, but combinations of softer pastel shades can also be found in the collection



First things first: Fiery red, a dominant colour this upcoming season as Barbie core pink will make way for red colours. Almost every fashion house included at least one item or an entire look in their collections, proving that red is indispensable in the Dutz collection. From romantic Red Dahlia to fire brigade red and warm burgundy red, the Dutz designers have applied a range of red colours to retro round shapes but also to more classic women’s frames. Popping red shades that are guaranteed to steal the show!



The fashion shows in Milan & Paris showed that it really doesn’t have to be all clean and minimalist next fall. Good news for bright colour lovers: magenta pink is one of the most popular fashion colours for the winter season and can be found in many fashion collections. From seductive viva magenta and raspberry pink to deep blackberry purple, this season fresh berry hues give our frames a playful vibrancy and luxurious mystique.



Our most favourite colour, happy orange, cannot be missed this fall as it is such a great fashion colour if you like to stand out. Orange fills us with joy, energy and enthusiasm and gives colour to the cold and dark winter days ahead. This season orange represents creativity and self-development. Model DZ2318-85 shows a beautiful mixture of warm brique orange and a graphic line play of grey and orange. Or go for graphic orange eye-catchers DZ842-25 and DZ2304-95 to show that you are so Dutz



Digital lavender, officially named the colour of the year 2023 by the trend forecasting website WSGN, is one of the most important trend colours of the 2023 winter season. A closer look at the subtle lavender shade reveals how it produces a range of moods, conveying a sense of calmness and cheerfulness at the same time. This can be seen, for example, in models DZ854-75, DZ2312-75 and DZ2322-15. Lavender popping up alongside, aqua, ochre yellow and lime green, expressing the contrasting feelings, for a striking yet elegant look.



Pastel shades are a great success all year round – not just in summer. At Hermès, Giorgio Armani and Chanel pastel is an invariable part of the colour palette, which makes these shades important fashion colours for fall/winter 2023-2024. For model DZ854-76 the Dutz designers opted for a soft powder pink pastel shade combined with light taupe for a soft, delicate, and feminine look.



Although we still must wait and see how cold it really gets this winter, when we think of winter, we think of snow. Snow was the biggest inspiration for Prada’s fall/winter 2023-2024 colour palette, so inspired by this, we at Dutz are also going for white this fall! Go for a striking graphic look with model DZ856-10 in strong snow white with contrasting black lines..



Egyptian indigo blue transports us to a world full of mystery and fascination. The deep, rich hue instils a sense of luxury and adventure in us, while at the same time exuding peace and serenity. The magic of this colour can be seen in model DZ2313-45 where the designers have combined an indigo blue and ochre marble look acetate with the metal in subtle satin gold. The top rim has been given a bright blue accent for the so Dutz touch!



2023 is all about making a bold statement through this understated, powerful chic hue. The colour of mystery and elegance will enchant us again in the coming season. Forever timeless! This also applies to the Dutz frames in this theme. Beautiful acetate in a lace-look in combination with black and tortoiseshell shades creates a chic timeless, elegant look.



The black and white trend from season SS22 has been reinvented this season. All thanks to great contrasts and patterns of elegant houndstooth – in both micro and macro variants, large and small diamonds and other geometric patterns. The black and white chequered model DZ2251-95 was the absolute Dutz bestseller in 2022, model DZ855-55 is a successor to it. The re-vamped black and white checks with a pop of bright green and blue show that this combination is as iconic as it is timeless. So bold and so Dutz!

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