LODA: A magical world of handcrafted frames

In the beginning of 1950s Loda was born in Athens, one of the 7 factories that operated in Greece. Laboratorio Ottico di Athene its exact name, since Loda’s first owner, the microbiologist Athanasiades was married with an Italian woman and lived in Trieste. Consequently, Loda’s philosophy was influenced by the italian culture. Loda becomes very quickly successful thanks to the high quality and durability of its materials

In 2020, Dimitris Kapolis and George Bollias, two friends from the past, meet and together they envisage Loda’s revival. They join their knowhow, experience and common love for the craft of handmade products.


George Bollias, an exceptional architect and frame maker having a 50-year presence in the optics sector, states ‘’I was grown up in an optician family. The smell of the materials enchanted me. The raw material of the frames is made of cotton and vinegar. My father used to add perfume in them. That smell brings me memories
from the past’’. He added: ‘’Since I was 6 years old, I made eyeglasses. When other children were playing with toys, I had my father’s sample book and played with it’’.

On the other hand, Dimitris Kapolis, son of Stavros Kapolis-a man with first-hand knowledge of the old Athens optics style states: ‘’I was grown up in an optician family too. I am an optician, whereas George Bollias is a manufacturer. We share the same memories from laboratories, such as the smell of raw materials. Of course, I couldn’t imagine being anything other than an optician. To be honest, what fascinates me about being an optician, is the fact that, it is the most complex profession in the world. As an optician, you have to be competent in science, technology and fashion in order to stand out. So you are never being bored !’’

Reborn by opticians for opticians!

For the revival of Loda, Dimitris Kapolis says: ’’What George is doing, the craft of handmade frames, must pass to next generation, because such products
nowadays are few. A key reason for the revival of Loda is the high quality in relation to the price of the product.
Opticians in ’60s, ‘70s and ‘80s had a very good and at the same time a low priced product. This is something
that is missing from the market”.”


The basic principle of Loda is frames that stand the test of time. The advantages of Lodas frames are
many! Loda brings together collections meticulously designed to the slightest detail, high quality acetates that allow for extremely easy assembly but, most
importantly, durability. Ιn addition, special techniques are balanced in relation with the weight and thickness
of the frames

Loda is re- introduced to the greek market!
Reborn by opticians for opticians!
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