1-DAY AQUALENSTM REFRESH: The ultimate choice


1-DAY AQUALENSTM Refresh Silicone Hydrogel daily contact lenses are highly hydrophilic and provide up to 97% oxygenation to the cornea. With a high level of lubrication and a low coefficient of friction – almost similar to that of the cornea, the
eyelid essentially glides smoothly over the surface of the lens, without compromising comfort. The patented WetLokTM technology attracts and binds water molecules tightly to the surface of the lens resulting in excellent wetting and comfort throughout the day. All lenses in the 1-DAY AQUALENSTM Refresh family have built-in UVA and UVB filters to protect against dangerous rays. 1-DAY AQUALENSTM Refresh are the ideal lenses to upgrade your wearers from any other
daily replacement contact lens.

1-DAY AQUALENSTM Refresh for astigmatism

It is the world’s only silicone hydrogel daily contact lens for astigmatism correction with the widest range of parameters. 1-DAY AQUALENSTM Refresh for astigmatism feature a proven design, with a prismatic counterweight for a smooth transition between zones for exceptional stability. They provide greater clarity of vision and lasting comfort.

1-DAY AQUALENSTM Refresh multifocal

It is the world’s only daily replacement silicone hydrogel contact lens for presbyopia. Research has shown that multifocal contact lenses not only provide better long-term vision than monofocal vision, but 7 out of 10 wearers prefer them for the better multifocal correction they offer. With 1-DAY AQUALENSTM Refresh multifocal you have 94% success from the very first application. So the worry about time-consuming application is now a thing of the past.

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